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The Lifestyles Program

You’ve probably never heard of anything like this before. We call it living The Blairs Lifestyle. It starts with a complimentary yoga class and morphs into an evening jog with the Runner’s Circle. Then, with a visit with The Lifestyles Team you’re learning more about your options – from local and sustainable food to transportation choices; recycling and composting to saving energy. The next thing you know, you’re meeting your neighbors at  one of the many social gatherings that are hosted each month.  All of this… at The Blairs.

Be Social

You want to meet new friends, know your neighbors and get involved in the community. We've organized the book club, knitting & crochet club, mix & mingle, and board game night for just those reasons. We even sprinkle in other events throughout the month, like painting classes, happy hours and gardening talks, just for fun.

Be Healthy

From complimentary fitness classes on site and exercise clubs, to local and fresh food options, you'll find that living an urban lifestyle doesn't mean sacrificing convenience when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

Be Sustainable

Our Lifestyles Center models some of the possibilities when it comes to greener living and we can help you save energy, recycle and compost like a pro.

Picture Yourself Living Here

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